Some parts will need to be glued together to ensure durability and to keep pieces from breaking free inside the ball. Super glue is recommended; it’s inexpensive and fuses plastics together well. It is messy so avoid using on any nice furniture.


1. The flexible outer icosahedron needs to be adhered to the hard plastic icosahedron net, laminating the two pieces together. Place hard plastic net smooth side up on sturdy flat surface. Apply glue in a continuous bead tracing the triangles. Align soft shell net over frame and press onto glued surface. Excess glue will probably seep out and should be removed. Putting something like a book or box on top of the pieces across the top evenly for several minutes helps ensure it stays together.


2. After the glue has set from the previous step, flip the piece over. Glue the LEDs in place – notice wiring direction arrows on back of each LED chip. The arrows need to be pointing Up one side and Down the other, beginning with the triangle marked as number one and moving up. Apply glue in drops at top and bottom of each square cut out. Press LED boards into cut outs, light emitting side facing outward towards outer shell. Let set for several minutes before soldering wires on.


3. Press one M2 Hex nut into the slot located in the middle of the first stand off at edge of icosahedron net. This is what the final closing screw will thread into.

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